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About the company Inspiria is a SAP partner Recommended company for the implementation, implementation and installation of the SAP ERP system, a system for business management and operations management.

Inspiria - 20 years of experience in precise customization of smart tools for business management

How does Inspiria combine technological tools, business needs and personal connection for an effective SAP system?

Inspiria is a company that specializes in providing integrated solutions for business management using the SAP Business One system, the leading ERP system for small to mid-sized businesses (SMB) around the world. 

However, In reality, we are more like a family or boutique that integrates premium business management solutions that are sewn and custom-fitted like a tailor-made suit, to precisely fit your size and needs, while leaving space for growth.

We could boast about the number of customers, successful projects, the size of companies we serve in Israel and overseas, our diverse solutions and our 20 years of experience, but we chose to focus on what matters most to every single one of our customers: choosing an SAP partner that sees you, knows your needs, understands your work processes and knows how to listen and advise you.

A relationship with the SAP system and with the supplier is a long relationship. Whether you are a new company implementing SBO or a company that already has a system and wants to receive support and maximize the capabilities of the existing system, it is important that you choose an SAP partner you can trust.

How will the difference in Inspiria's approach improve your results?

Available, professional support service within 3 seconds

Make human and direct contact with the project managers, the senior implementers and the managers who know you and your systems. No complicated support center with forms and passwords. We simply help you.

A personal, attentive, professional and experienced company

Our entire team, managers and implementers, is experienced, has academic backgrounds in the field of information systems and industrial engineering and management and training in integration and automation of the SAP Business One system.

360° service and implementation - everything in one place

Enjoy integrated and effective service that includes: advising, specifications, implementation, , add-ons, open source development, integration, support, training, customizing models and licenses, cloud services and BI tools.

Implementation to the highest standard with minimal deviations

Have confidence that the project is managed according to a proven methodology that reduces deviations in timeframes, content and quality of implementation. Our expertise in the SAP software enables smart and creative utilization of the system's capabilities.

Confidence in the SAP partner and our over 20 years of experience

Inspiria is defined as a business partner of the international SAP organization. Our experience in implementing the variety of SAP modules, knowledge of technological advances and ability to understand needs and work processes guarantee a successful customized system.

Inspiria management team - You’re in good hands

ענת שקד מנהלת טכנולוגיות אינספיריה

Anat Shaked

Anat has over 20 years of experience in implementation, customization, database management and development of a variety of information systems.

Anat has gained experience in business, technology and in-depth business understanding of hundreds of commercial companies. Anat is an expert in analyzing systems and internal organizational processes. She has proven experience in all aspects of SAP Business One implementation and customization, and additionally in specification, developing and leading BI projects based on different platforms.

Gili Klurglus Hasson CEO of Inspiria SAP ERP

Gili Klurglus Hasson

Gili has a degree in business management and information systems and over 10 years experience in management and consultation for SAP Business One projects with SMB customers from a variety of industrial and commercial branches.

She is an expert in financial management, administration, financial report submission, general business management, integration and management of related technological solutions.

She has previously lectured at the College of Management Academic Studies and trained SAP B1 implementers. 

Inspiria management

Anat believes that the sky's the limit and that practically any need can be addressed through an SAP system, provided that the specification is accurate and comprehensive. 

Anat Shaked Gili Klurgelus Hasson manage the Inspiria ERP SAP company

Gili believes that thorough listening to the company's business needs will ensure a creative, long-term solution.

חברת אינספיריה חברה מומלצת ליישום מערכת ERP של סאפ SAP Business One

Many companies have SAP systems and technological abilities, but the human interpersonal capacity to identify organizational and business needs and find creative and professional solutions is much rarer. Choose an SAP partner you can trust for the long term.

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