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Personal and professional support, service and training for Inspiria's SAP Business One ERP system

Professional support, service and training for the SAP Business One ERP system

Only 3 seconds of wait time for support, and you’ll receive a human response from project managers who know you and your system. 


What makes the difference with Inspiria’s SAP system support service?

Human response in 3 seconds

Yes, we commit to giving you available and rapid support. There’s no need for codes, passwords and complicated forms. We simply respond, get to know you and want to help.

Direct support from project managers

The individual project managers know your system and therefore will support you efficiently, responsibly and professionally. We don’t have any support representatives who don’t work directly in the field.

Commitment to finding a solution and not just closing the call

Support is provided by a professional team of attentive Implementation managers and deployers who are committed to find a solution based on the SLA settings, and not just checking it off a list on the CRM.

20 years of experience in implementation and support of SAP systems

Inspiria is an official SAP partner, has experience in implementation and deployment of SAP Business One systems in dozens of small, mid-sized and large companies. We’ve gained experience in a variety of fields: industry, public sector, logistics and storage, distribution centers, software and hi-tech, global companies with multiple branches and more.

360° support for all modules, add-ons and developments

How many times have you received the answer ‘this is not a support issue’? In our support service, we answer your questions about all of your modules, add-ons and developments.

How does it actually work?

Get in touch in the most convenient way for you

Call our project managers, directly to the company managers, or leave your information here and we will get back to you immediately during our work hours:

Sunday-Thursday 9:00-17:00

Eve of holidays 9:00-12:00

Receive support over the phone and online

No need for docs, passwords, forms or waiting at a call center. We just respond quickly, get to know you and happily help you.

Speak directly with the project managers

Professional, personal and focused response, from our application and implementation team, who know your system, work process and needs.

Set up meetings for training and innovation

If you need to train new workers, specialize or learn about updates in your system, you can just book a training at our company or at yours.

What topics can we help with as part of our support services?

  • Creating queries as needed and presenting specific data

  • Producing customized reports and creating insights from the BI system.

  • Updating and upgrading versions and handling bugs.

  • Support for all modules of the SAP system.

  • Supporting the client's dedicated developments.

  • Supporting add-ons, tools, interfaces and dedicated solutions for each customer.

  • Updating and creating additional licenses.

  • Fixing bugs and direct service calls to SAP.

  • Support and assistance with cloud services and direct contact with the cloud provider.

What FAQs can you get answered by our support?

  • Receipt of withholding tax data 

  • Production of a VAT report

  • Setting preferences for documents

  • User management and permissions

  • System report displaying

  • Creating queries for basic reports

  • Approval procedure use

  • Notification management

  • Business rules and restrictions

  • Document design

When should you order training for your SAP system?

Training, unlike support, is scheduled ahead of time, and is not in response to a specific problem or bug in the SAP system. Training can happen at your company or here at Inspiria, within the time bank for support and implementation. 

We recommend coordinating a focused and effective training when the need for training and learning new things comes up, for example:

New employee training in using SAP systems.

Individual or group training for system modules.

Training for use of a special development of SAP add-on.

What are some topics you can learn and receive professional training in?

When employees and managers are professionally trained in using the SAP Business One business management system, you’ll be able to maximize the capabilities of your ERP system and improve your company's business performance.

Getting to know the SAP system for accountants and finance administrators

Dedicated training customized on a basic and advanced level for new or experienced managers and employees.

Learning the SAP system for inventory, warehouse, procurement and logistics

Specific training for the requirements of positions in inventory management, distribution and production floor management.

Learning the SAP system for support, service, sales and marketing

Specific training for employees and managers in service management, sales, ordering and marketing.

Producing reports, queries and insights from the @BI system and the SAP system

Specific practical training in the world of reports, data generation, identifying trends and improving performance.

Investing in training will pay off immediately when your employees return to the office, and know all the tips, become more efficient in work processes and produce the relevant information.


Which support and training course is right for you?

As clients, you can choose to receive implementation services, support and training through one of these two tracks:

Time bank - purchasing a time bank in advance for implementation, support and training. Every month you will receive a report detailing the work hours you used in the previous month and your balance will be updated accordingly. In the event you have just a few hours left in the bank or you have used them all, we will renew the bank of hours for future use.

Retainer - Purchasing a package of hours at a special price for telephone support and, if necessary, for implementation in your company on predetermined dates. In the event that you exceed the package of hours in this track, you will be charged a standard hourly client rate.

Time bank

When should you order expanded implementation to maximize SAP system capabilities?

Inspiria provides an additional service of maximizing and expanding the capabilities of the existing SAP ERP system for your organization. During a focused and comprehensive consultation, we will map out all your business, operational and organizational needs. We will recommend improvements, tools and solutions to be implemented, so you can get the most out of your existing SAP system.

The expansion service is suitable for companies in the following cases:

The SAP system has existed for a long time, but something is no longer working right.

The existing SAP system no longer provides control over the entire organization

The existing system is clumsy and no longer adapted to organizational changes.

The existing ERP system is "stuck" and does not allow growth for the company.

שירות התמיכה וההדרכה של אינספירה שירות מומלץ למערכת ERP של SAP. חברת אינספירה שותף SAP

Try our training and support systems. You’ll receive professional, available and rapid service from our project managers. You can be confident that you have an address and professionals you can trust.

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