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All business management in the cloud for the SAP Business One system SAP Cloud server farms

 Cloud based business management for SAP Business One system 

When your SBO ERP system is in the cloud, you can dedicate your time to managing your business without getting tangled in infrastructure and servers

How does having your SAP system in the cloud save you time, money and trouble?

No construction and infrastructure

No need to purchase, set up, maintain, or back up a dedicated server.

No maintenance and different versions

No need for complicated updates, version upgrades, software or hardware settings

No need to increase the server capacity

Growth based on the size of the organization, with no need for server adaptation for expanded databases or changing number of users.

No additional personnel

The need to recruit personnel, system workers, IT services and support is eliminated.

Economical payment without exceptions

A regular monthly payment will not be affected by a system crash or unexpected expenses.

What are the advantages of a SAP cloud system?

A dedicated and secure server for each client that is protected from attacks.

Personal service and 24/7 availability.

The server includes the required content.

Easy, fast and convenient access from any location.

Server monitoring, 24/7 notifications and automatic backup.

Professional and rapid technical support.

Why should you purchase your cloud services through Inspiria?

Here at Inspiria we know what we do best, integrated application of all SAP solutions and additions. We know the advantages of a cloud SBO system and we collaborate with the leading providers in the field of cloud services and server farms. So why should you purchase cloud services through us and not directly from another provider?

שירותי ענן וחוות שרתים דרך אינספיריה זולה יותר

Increasing bargaining power lowers prices

Size advantage and joint purchase of cloud services for our customers significantly lowers the price compared to direct payment to the supplier from each individual customer.

שירותי ענן וחוות שרתים באינספיריה בדיוק לפי דרישות מערכת SAP ללא עלות נוספת.

Peace of mind about configurations and server settings

As SAP partners, we are familiar with the system requirements and make sure to precisely define the content to ensure that it is provided. You will save on unnecessary purchases of unneeded components.

בלי להסתבך ובלי לפצל בין תמיכה ב-SAP לענן, ללא קונפיגורציה של השרת

No complications and no need to split your support services between SAP and the cloud

In cases where the source of a problem is in the cloud provider, we can save you difficulties, speak the same language and create continuous support with the cloud services provider.

ריכוז כל השירותים של שירות הענן, חוות השרים ומערכת SAP באינספיריה - חיסכון של זמן וכסף.

Receiving the entire basket of services from the same provider saves time and frustration 

Here at Inspiria, we are responsible for giving you all the services you need and ensuring prompt attention to any issues with the cloud provider. This way you can also leverage your power in support. 

What does a cloud solution in the server farm include?

  • A private virtual server

  • An advanced Windows Server Standard operating system

  • A 100% SSD system

  • Firewall system security

  • Dedicated and separate IP addresses

  • Daily automatic backup, up to 14 days back

  • Management and monitoring services

  • Antivirus protection

שירותי ענן וחוות שרתים מערכת SAP SBO

Use the advantages of a SAP cloud system and save time, money and troubles. Combined service and support of an SBO system and of a server farm and cloud services ensure that you can focus on managing your business and not have to experience the frustration of seeking help from multiple support centers.

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