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Inspiria's B2B system is a customer and supplier portal

B2B System - 
Inspiria customer and vendors portal

The perfect solution that eliminates repeated communications between customers and vendors, from sales through payment and vice versa

The B2B system for effective 360˚ communication with clients and suppliers. The tool increases sales, saves on operating expenses and upgrades service for both sides.

The B2B customer portal - full integration with SAP Business One system

Eliminates arguments and noise in communication with customers

Makes all business actions accessible to all parties.

Gives control of the full picture of the whole supply chain

How does the customer portal save time and money?

Saves hundreds of inquiries to accounting and sales

Direct, two-way communication. Without the need for phone calls and emails such as: I sent it but it wasn’t received, this was approved but not signed, I need a copy of…

All details of the order are accessible and any bottleneck is visible to everyone

The chronology and status of each order are clear. Everyone sees exactly what has been purchased, what has been supplied, what has been billed and what has been paid. 

All the data from price quote through payment are presented immediately in one location

All the information is accessible, without searching through emails or other systems. Customers and vendors can see price quotes, orders, bills, waybills and payments.

Business activities are more transparent, clearer and more effective for customers and vendors 

Customers and vendors benefit from direct, two-way communication without dependence, communication that also contributes to customer service and sales. 

How does the system turn wasted time into improved results? 

Control and tracking from order to supply

The status is clear at every stage and it is easy to track processes, inventory, documents and shipments. 

Efficiency and automation in operations processes

Option to define automatic processes and notifications and to create transparency and uniformity between companies. 

Customized to the customers work processes

The system is customized to the specific work process and needs of the client using built-in templates.  There’s also an option to customize the screen configuration. 

Improved sales, competitiveness and customer service

Increased repeat orders and confidence in supplying them, shorter supply chain and effective smart service and sales tools. 

How do customers and vendors save and profit more?

Advantages for vendors

Increased sales

Through tools such as repeat orders and recommended orders

Savings and efficiency

Eliminates the need to distribute invoices and share order details and accounting.

Advantages for customers

Oversight, tracking and planning

Certainty and control over payments, status of every order, and planning orders and inventory.

Efficiency and transparency

Direct and immediate access to data and accessibility of business activities without dependence.

Who is the Inspiria customer portal suitable for? 

Small and medium-sized companies (SMB) that have B2B communication between vendors and customers and vice versa.

Any company that has at least 20 clients and more than 20 orders per day. 

Businesses in all industries that supply products and services, for example: stores (physical or not), importers, exporters, retailers, factories and more. 

Companies with the SAP Business One ERP who want a client portal. 

Inspiria is a leader in ERP and B2B systems

Why do you get more from Inspiria?

Confidence and experience of a SAP partner

Inspiria is a leader in implementation and deployment of the SAP Business One ERP and expert in integration of information systems for management and operations. 

One supplier for your B2B and SBO system

Full interface and integration with the existing SAP Business One system. Eliminating intermediaries and external project managers. 

A complete customized solution based on familiarization with your needs

Without complications, the team that knows your company writes specifications, implements, develops and integrates the solutions and tools that fit your company.

Accessible, affordable price customized to your company specifications

Pay exactly according to your needs, without paying for unnecessary add-ons. Inspiria is an expert in developing solutions for small and medium-sized businesses (SMB). 

What does the B2B system include? 

Independent invoice management

All invoice details are clearly displayed with access to signed invoices. 

Tracking and creating orders

All order details are displayed, and can be filtered and sorted; new and repeat orders can be created. 

Smart tool for recommended orders

The system learns the clients’ order patterns and specific requests and proposes recommended orders. 

Account card display

Detailed, dynamic display of account cards for monitoring and tracking. 

Shipment history and future shipments display

Shipment details including: items, quantity, discounts, signed waybills. On the same screen, details of shipments on the way are displayed, making it possible to plan for receipt. 

Smart report generator

Create structured reports customized according to need, including data filtering and sorting options. 

Dynamic independent management tools

The client can see all the data directly and can view data history, export files as needed and save attachments. 

Individual account area - unique and confidential

Each client sees their own relevant data according to their permissions. 

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