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Produmex WMS the recommended warehouse management system

Produmex WMS
the recommended warehouse management system

Produmex WMS - the leading warehouse management system includes advanced capabilities such as: GS1, 3PL, SSCC and more that are not included in the SAP basic warehouse management module. Produmex WMS is a Boyum add-on that integrates perfectly with the SAP Business One system.

When and why to switch to an advanced WMS to manage your warehouse? 

The warehouse module included in the SAP Business One ERP basic package is only suitable for companies requiring basic warehouse management. The original warehouse management module is limited, and does not meet complex needs of companies and factories that require advanced logistics solutions and management of the entire supply chain. 


For companies that require complex warehouse management, we recommend considering the Boyum add-on implemented by Inspiria

Who is the Produmex WMS system suitable for and what does it contain? 

The right solution for companies whose warehouses require complex logistics, that need to manage many movements with terminals and maintain precision in inventory levels


The system is suitable for companies that need the following, for example:

  • Multiple movements (transactions)

  • Multiple bin locations

  • Multiple picking methods

  • Manage batches and serial numbers

  • Putaway methods

  • Replenishment

  • Cross-docking

  • Conduct movements using terminals

Which companies is the Produmex WMS warehouse management system suitable for? 

The WMS system is suitable for large or small companies that work in production, supply or service and have large or complex warehouses that require efficient advanced management. 

An advanced WMS warehouse management system is suitable, for example, for companies in the following fields: pharma, biotech, commerce, production, imports, chemicals, distribution, retail, etc. 

What are the advantages of the Produmex WMS for warehouse management? 

Boyum’s Beas Manufacturing MES includes add-ons that are not part of the basic SAP manufacturing module such as: 

A complete add-on solution

Boyum’s Produmex WMS solution covers all needs, components and capabilities required for management of warehouses with complex logistical needs. 

Full integration with the SBO system

The system was developed especially for SAP Business One and therefore integrates fully with the SAP ERP system. 

Savings on interfaces and duplication
There is no need for customization, interfaces or duplication of entities. The system uses the standard entities in SAP (items, orders, bookkeeping, inventory, etc.)

Savings on interfaces and duplication
There is no need for customization, interfaces or duplication of entities. The system uses the standard entities in SAP (items, orders, bookkeeping, inventory, etc.)

What are the advantages of Inspiria for implementing the solution?

Experience of a SAP and Boyum partner

Inspiria are leaders in implementation and installation of SAP Business One ERP systems and experts in integrating Boyum IT systems.

Confidence in the experience and professionalism of our staff 

Professional, experienced staff who have consulted and implemented the Produmex WMS system for over 5 years for a large number of clients. In-depth familiarity and ability to maximize solutions. 

Expertise in implementation for SMB

Expertise implementing Boyum’s leading Produmex WMS system, customized to the needs of small and medium-sized businesses at fair prices.

Responsibility of one vendor from specifications through support

Inspiria is committed to provide you with the full range of services: specification, development, implementation, installation, training and maintenance. Direct communication and availability from project managers. 

The advantages of Inspiria in the Produmex WMS application, the recommended warehouse management system

What does the Produmex WMS system include? 

The system complements the SAP warehouse management system and includes the following components: 

Addition of another inventory level beyond the existing ones in SAP, called SSCC (serial shipping container code) for coding items according to logistics units.

Terminal for direct reports from the warehouse - storage operations can be performed using a terminal

Reading GS1 codes - scanning barcode data through terminals with data divided, for example, item, quantity, batch, expiration date, etc. 

Implementation of international standards for increasing efficiency in the supply chain

Putaway operations - defining rules and considerations for storing inventory according to needs

Replenishment operations - An array of automatic transfers between the stages of storage and picking according to settings such as: minimum stock, quantity to be transferred, frequency of transfer, etc.

Guided picking operations - setting appropriate methods such as: wave, multi-batch picking, zone picking, etc.

 3PL solution - Third party logistics that enable an external body to manage its inventory in the company warehouse and the possibility of warehouse rent collection according to different methods such as: number of movements, storage time, storage volume, etc.  

הזמנת מומלצות

Contact us at Inspiria and we will set up a demonstration of the Produmex WMS system, the leading solution for managing warehouses with complex logistical needs, with many movements and terminals for precise inventory management. The system integrates fully with the SAP system. 

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