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SAP Business One Developments, additional tools, add-ons for the SAP system and open source development

All the tools, interfaces, add-ons and developments to upgrade SAP Business One capabilities

Complementary products and developments expand the capabilities of the ERP system precisely according to your specific needs

Which tools and solutions expand the system capabilities for the needs of each company? 

The complementary solutions we offer you work in full interface and automatic synchronization with the SAP Business One software. The add-ons create a broad infrastructure, customized to the needs of each client in every industry and business sector and save the time and money of custom development. 

In situations where existing add-ons do not provide a solution, we can create a unique, specific solution in open source code.

SAP add-ons

BarScan - digital archive 

A digital archive makes organizational information accessible to authorized users.

The BarScan system provides a digital archive solution built into the organization’s ERP system. Employees and managers can catalog documents and retrieve them easily when needed. The digital archive is customized to complex business requirements and regulatory standards. For example, customer service representatives can easily access organizational and external documents during conversations with clients.

Boyum IT - add-on generator

Tool for developing applications that creates flexible solutions customized to client needs

Boyum IT lets you create add-ons and business rules that expand the functionality of the SBO system to meet your needs. The system makes it possible to create and integrate customized solutions quickly and easily, saving the need for complex and expensive code development. Options for budget, time reporting, foreign exchange rates, adding printing, mailing, email document distribution functions and more. 

Beas manufacturing - manufacturing execution system (MES)

Beas manufacturing - the recommended system for shop floor management and for materials requirements planning (MRP). The leading system for shop floor management, suitable for companies that need to manage complex production processes such as: item version management, MRPII, resource and final capacity planning, quality control and subcontractor management. This is a Boyum add-on that fully integrates with SAP Business One system.

Produmex WMS - Warehouse management system

The recommended system for warehouse management that includes advanced capabilities such as: GS1, 3PL, SSCC and more. This Boyum add-on integrates perfectly with the SAP Business One system and is the perfect solution for companies with large or complex  warehouses that need to manage many movements through terminals and maintain precision in inventory levels. 

Produmex SCAN system for managing inventory movement

The recommended system for barcode scanning that includes details of inventory movements via terminal directly from the warehouse. This Boyum IT solution interfaces completely with the SAP Business One ERP system. The system makes it possible to upgrade warehouse and inventory management and streamline your company’s logistics management. 

Pelecard - automatic clearing system

Advanced clearing solutions, the key to automating collection 

A credit clearing system with a full interface to the SBO system. The solution includes: clearing with a credit card reader or telephone clearing; automatic receipts interface; token storage; card code for regular customers to reuse in the future.

Amodat - application for field workers

Applications for field workers improve service and save time and money

Diverse solutions for stages of sales, service, distribution, and picking. There are 4 key tools: 1. A mobile application that provides access to all operations and interfaces required for customer care for service personnel and technicians in the field. 2. A system for ordering products between companies (B2B) that provides an interface between the customer site and the SBO system and displays the products, price lists, special prices, photo catalog, etc. 3. Application and dashboard for managers and presale sales agents. The system works ONLINE/OFFLINE. 4. A digital supply management and tracking system (POD), to create a computerized distribution system.

digital archive
Add-on generator
automatic clearing system
field workers
SAP Addons

 Unique Inspiria Add-ons

Business intelligence - BI system

Accessible, relevant information gives you up-to-date business insights 

Collecting all business information and presenting queries in reports, dashboards and chart rubrics (KPI) helps you identify trends, discover insights and make decisions based on the most current information. Inspiria's business intelligence system is based on Microsoft's PowerBI platform or Qlik's Qlik Sense and is therefore suitable for the SAP system but also for other ERP systems such as Priority, Business Central, NetSuite, Infor, etc.

Client and vendor portal - B2B system

Reduces noise in communication between clients and vendors and makes information accessible to both sides from first contact through payment. 

The B2B system for effective 360˚ communication between clients and vendors. This tool increases sales, reduces operating expenses and upgrades service for both sides. The Inspiria B2B client portal provides full integration with the SAP Business One system. The B2B client portal saves you lots of time, money and headaches. 

Send text messages - from the SBO system

The easiest, most advanced way to stay in touch with clients and not miss opportunities

A unique solution, developed especially for Inspiria customers, allows you to send text messages to your customers and suppliers. The messages will be sent automatically from the SAP system directly to the contacts. 

Messages can be configured, for example, in the following situations: 

  • Send SMS to customers/suppliers/employees on demand, simply. 

  • Send SMS based on queries in the system. 

  • Send automatic SMS when documents are produced, according to a flexible text format. 

  • Create custom text templates for messages. 

  • Monitor by report after SMS messages have been sent from the system.

Send invoices with digital signature

Sending digital invoices with electronic signature saves time, money and paper

Inspiria has developed a solution especially for our customers to send digital invoices with electronic signatures directly from the SAP Business One system. This saves the need for printing lost original invoices and other documents. The contacts defined for the customer receive an email with a link to a digitally signed document in any design format defined in the system. 

Please note: our add-on does not disclose your information to any third party. The documents are signed digitally and sent by you and the information remains on the client's server.

Interfaces with external systems

Convenient and stable connections between the tools expand the system capabilities and save complexity and resources. At Inspiria, we have developed dedicated interfaces that link the SAP Business One core business management system with third-party external systems.

  • Interface with the Salesforce CRM system - the interface allows you to send and receive data between the two systems, between SAP and CRM. 

  • Interface with external warehouse systems - UPS, Flying Cargo, Orian

Unique Inspiria Add-ons
Business intelligence - BI system
Send text messages
digital signature
Interfaces with external systems

Open-Source code development

At Inspiria, our approach is to use the SAP Business One system as much as possible as an off-the-shelf product and existing SAP add-ons or Inspiria add-ons, but in cases where these do not meet the needs, we create unique open source development.

We do not believe in creating dependencies that bind companies using closed code developed by a certain SAP supplier who is the only one who knows how to handle bugs and update versions over the years. Open-source development allows each company freedom of choice and complete adaptation without dependence. We aim to bring power and flexibility back to you, the customers, just as SAP worldwide intended. We want you to choose us as an SAP partner for setting up the system and servicing the existing system because you are pleased with our work, not because you are "captive customers".


The advantage of open source code development is that it is not limited and not owned by a particular supplier. Clients are also not charged maintenance fees. 

Open-Source code development
manufacturing execution system
Warehouse management system
inventory movement

Join our customers who have already discovered the value in an ERP system tailored specifically to their needs, with the precise combination of complementary solutions. When we know your exact needs, we can choose the solutions that suit you from among the many solutions available.

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