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SAP ERP system implementation methodology with Inspiria's implementation expertise

Inspiria’s implementation methodology ensures full customization of the SAP Business One system

Our tailor-made implementation methodology ensures a customized, efficient and integrated system, minimizing exceptions to project budget, time and content limitations. 

Inspiria creates boutique solutions with a tailor-made approach, and custom fits the SAP ERP system precisely to the size, needs and characteristics of each client in every sector. 

In an attentive, professional and committed process, we will create specifications, implement and deploy the entire business management system, integrating, as needed, dedicated SAP add-ons, unique Inspiria solutions and open source code development.

Our unique implementation methodology, developed through experience with hundreds of clients, guarantees you: 

We at Inspiria are SAP partners and truly believe in partnership with our clients. We want you to choose us out of trust in our professionalism and the advantages we can offer you. 

Assurance of management of project stages and minimizing exceptions in budget, time and content

Full coordination of expectations with all parties in the company and creation of customized, comprehensive solutions.

Close professional management, accompaniment and consultation throughout all project stages and after completion, by project managers and Inspiria management 

You have one available, experienced and attentive address. Together we will maximize all system capabilities according to your specific needs.

Stages of SAP ERP system implementation with Inspiria


  • Defining scope of project and implementation.

  • Mapping required processes to implement the system and their content.

  • In-depth choice of the relevant modules for implementation in accordance with client needs.

  • Specification and customization of relevant settings in each module. 

  • Outlining required development using open source code

  • Specifications document including description of implementation processes

  • Defining expected implementation method for the SAP Business One system


  • The system set-up stage is performed at the Inspiria offices.

  • Set-up of required databases with configurations derived from the specifications.

  • Data conversions from previous systems.


  • Databases ready for work.

  • Creating a copy of databases to conduct the pilot stage. 



  • Stage of working with the new system to check and approve the processes.

  • Conduct settings in accordance with the blueprint. 


  • Approval of databases and work processes for launch.



  • Training for users in how to use the system.


  • Users are ready for launch.

Launch and accompaniment


  • Users are ready for launch.​


  • The system works in a real environment.

Specification, implementation, deployment and support directly from personal, experienced project managers ensure a customized, effective and integrated system for many years to come.

Join the customers who already enjoy the personal treatment, commitment and professionalism of Inspiria’s project managers. Specification, implementation, deployment and support directly from permanent project managers who know you makes all the difference. You have an address and partners from the set-up stage through many years to come.

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