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​Beas manufacturing the recommended system for shop floor management and for materials requirements planning (MRP)

Beas manufacturing
the recommended system for shop floor management and for materials requirements planning (MRP)

Beas manufacturing - the leading manufacturing solution, suitable for companies that require a system to manage complex production processes. This is a Boyum add-on that fully integrates with SAP Business One 

When is the SAP production module no longer suitable, when do you need an advanced manufacturing execution system?

The production module included in the basic SAP Business One (SBO) package is suitable for companies that require only basic production processes such as assembly and packaging. The basic production management module is limited, and does not meet the needs of factories with more complex production requirements.

Boyum IT has over 25 years of experience in developing add-ons for SAP ERP system. The Beas manufacturing add-on, implemented by Inspiria, provides an integrated solution for companies that require a manufacturing execution system with advanced capabilities to handle complex processes. 

For large or small production companies, it is recommended to check whether the company can manage with the basic SAP production module or whether a broader solution for manufacturing management is required. 

Which companies is an advanced production floor management system suitable for?

The comprehensive Boyum solution for production floor management is suitable for manufacturing companies that have advanced, complex production processes that characterize the following industries for example: 

  • High tech and electronics

  • Pharmaceuticals and biotech

  • Construction and engineering

  • Plastics processing

  • Food and beverage

  • Automotive

  • Chemicals

  • Packaging

  • Metal fabrication

  • Industrial machinery

  • Aerospace and defense

Companies - production floor

What are the advantages of beas manufacturing system for shop floor management? 

Full complement and additions to meet your requirements

The Boyum Beas manufacturing solution meets all requirements, needs and capabilities required for managing complex production processes. 

Full integration with the SBO system

The system was developed especially for SAP Business One and therefore it is suitable and integrates naturally with the SAP system. 

Savings on interfaces and duplication

There is no need for customization, interfaces or duplication of entities. The system uses the standard entities in SAP (items, orders, bookkeeping, inventory, etc.)

Time savings and efficiencies in operating processes

There is no need to learn a new system. The system is familiar and easy to operate for everyone in the company and information is accessible according to existing permissions. 

What are the advantages of Inspiria for implementing the solution?

Experience of a SAP and Boyum partner

Inspiria are leaders in implementation and installation of SAP Business One ERP systems and experts in Boyum IT systems.

Confidence in the experience and professionalism of our staff 

Professional, experienced staff who have consulted and implemented the Beas system for over 15 years for a large number of clients. In-depth familiarity and ability to maximize solutions. 

Expertise in implementation for SMB

Expertise implementing Boyum’s leading Beas manufacturing system, customized to the needs of small and medium-sized businesses at fair prices

Responsibility of one vendor from specifications through support

Inspiria is committed to providing you with the full range of services: specification, development, implementation, installation, training and maintenance. Direct communication and availability from project managers. 

  Beas manufacturing - Inspiria - MES MRP

How does the production floor management system give you more? 

The Boyum Beas Manufacturing MES system for production management includes add-ons that are not part of the existing basic production module in SAP including for example:

Bill of Materials (BOM) and expanded routings, including version control and effective dates. 

Expanded Materials Resource Planning (MRP) system, including planning for materials requirements , resource use projections (MRP II).

Quality control module including purchasing management, production process, production completion and shelf-life testing. 

Product Traceability, from top to bottom and bottom to top.

Finite planning module for resources and tools (APS - Advanced Planning and Scheduling)

Machine maintenance module, preventive and corrective maintenance, service calls and counter readings.

Additional capacities included in the system - product configurator, managing subcontractors, advanced costing and calculation.

Report production via Terminals in the shop floor floor, enables direct reporting of production times and inventory through a mobile terminal without the need for logging onto the SAP system. 

Which capabilities are part of the shop floor management system that do not exist in the basic production module? 

Comparing the capabilities of the SAP production module versus beas manufacturing system for shop floor management against your company needs for production management makes it possible to choose the most suitable solution.

Production floor - capabilities
הזמנת מומלצות

Contact us at Inspiria and we will set up a simulation to show how the leading Beas manufacturing solution for managing production and the production floor integrates fully with SAP systems. 

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