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Business intelligence BI system from Inspiria

Inspiria’s business intelligence (BI) system

BI is the company's eyes - the leading tool in recognizing trends, discovering insight, presenting predictions and creating competitive advantage

Why does your company need a BI system to be in the lead right now?

  • A lot of information is distributed across the organization and you lack a fully updated picture of all company activities.

  • The market is changing rapidly and you must react quickly to change in order to recognize weaknesses and opportunities. 

  • You can no longer succeed and make decisions based on a gut feeling and partial information that is not updated in real time.

  • The amount of organizational information and the data held in the company’s different information systems is growing rapidly and intensively. 

Combining the organization systems creates Big Data, however there is no access to it, as it is found in separate systems. For example: ERP, CRM, attendance and pay, IOT, MES, WMS and every moment there are new vital systems added to the company. The BI system allows full integration, presenting the full 360°picture.

How does the BI system turn the information into valuable knowledge?

The BI (Business intelligence) system is a powerful engine that collects all of the information sources distributed throughout the organization into one central tool that will allow you to analyze all of the data and create business insights. The BI system collects accurate information from the different organizational systems so that they “speak the same language”. The collection of daily data is available and turns into significant organizational knowledge.

The information is accessible to you in a simple and clear way with visual tools such as: graphs, charts, flow charts and dashboard presented online and in a mobile app. Using Inspiria’s BI system, you can make educated business decisions in real time based on trends, insights and realistic forecasts. 

What are the advantages of the BI system?

All of the organizational knowledge is centralized and accessible 

The data from all systems is automatically interfaced. The information is displayed in real time, in one place and available from anywhere.

The picture becomes clearer and easier to analyze

The management experience and decision-making are based on accurate data that is also presented as interactive graphs.

All trends and insights are highlighted

The tool helps organizations become more efficient, maximize their business potential and expand growth engines.

Dashboards improve planning and execution

The dashboards and queries allow you to expose anomalies and bottlenecks and plan better. 

Fair cost and quick setup

Worthwhile return on investment relative to the price and in general. The application is fast and the templates save time and money.

Independence and easy customization

Templates and models are prepared as self service, for efficiency and complete flexibility without dependence on developers.

What are the unique advantages of Inspiria’s BI systems?

SAP partner experience

Inspiria is a leader in implementation and deployment of SAP Business One ERP systems and an expert in integration of BI systems.

Confidence in Microsoft and Qlik products

The BI system is based on the leading platform of Microsoft PowerBI and Qlik Sense.

Focused on systems optimized for SMB organizations

Specializing in BI systems specially adapted to the needs of small and mid-sized companies at a fair and accessible price.

Responsibility of one provider from support to consulting

Inspiria is committed to providing the full range of services: architecture, development, implementation, training and maintenance.

Flexibility and adaptability to any system

Inspiria's business intelligence tool interfaces with SAP's ERP system, Priority and other business management solutions.

Efficiency through customized templates and modules

The queries, graphs and research tools are structured according to schemes and customized in modules to save time and money.

Easy use without the need for a data analyst

The system is intuitive and easy to use, so that even managers and leaders in the company can generate data without the need for a data analyst position.

How does it work, and what information is there in the BI system?

We offer customized analysis packages based on the SAP modules.

Sales module

A broad view of all the company's business activities; Includes sales and profitability data in a variety of segments.

Purchasing module

Monitoring of purchasing processes against revenues, which allows for control of expenses with the various suppliers.

Financial module

An overall view of financial statements for the entire company including profit and loss statements, balance sheets and accounts receivable aging.

Collection module

Collection data and credit exposure by client. Includes payment ethics management and investigation down to the level of the individual client.


An overall view of the company's stock in the various warehouses. Includes inventory value, analysis of movements in warehouses, presentation of expected shortages and more.

Customer Service

360˚ view of the company's customers. Includes analysis of leads, customers and transactions, service calls, trends by goals and periods.

Budget module

Analysis of the percentage of compliance with the budget, notifications of exceptions and analysis of multi-year trends.

Inventory and logistics

Investigation of the supply chain. Includes analysis of picking, orders, distribution routes, process control and exception alerts.

In addition to the built-in modules, you can always create queries and tools adapted to your needs.

Discover Inspiria's BI system, the compass and eyes of the entire company that allows you to see a realistic, interactive and integrated picture of all business activity. Talk to us and see the past, the present and the future in a way you have not seen before.

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