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The modules of the SAP system finance, accounting, inventory, warehouse, service, marketing, operation

All the modules and licenses for the SAP Business One ERP system

When you see all business areas immediately, even on your mobile device, you can make informed decisions in real time!

Complete customization begins with professionalism and personal attention

Inspiria specializes in integrated implementation of the whole range of advanced modules in the SAP ERP system. Use of open source code, the professional implementation, close consultation throughout the process, and personal attention for every client enable us to customize the entire system precisely for your specific needs. 

When the modules are implemented to fit like a glove, industry specialization creates the competitive advantage

The leading SAP ERP system for business management combines a range of modules and functions. Flexibility in implementing the modules enables us to customize the system to fit like a glove, precisely according to the needs of each small or medium sized business (SMB). Together we can turn industry specialization into a competitive advantage. 

Effective interface for all your company’s business functions

Finance and accounting
Finance and accounting - SAP ERP

Finance and accounting
Get the tools to control the bottom line and much more

The SAP system for financial management and accounting provides a system that is user-friendly, efficient, cost-saving and reliable. 

The financial management and accounting software includes all ongoing tasks and commands such as:

The SAP system for financial management and accounting provides a system that is user-friendly, efficient, cost-saving and reliable.

Tax calculation

Supports multiple currencies

Bank statements 

Produce advanced financial reports

Manage general ledger and journal entries

Bank transactions

Payments and checkwriting

Daily financial activities are conducted automatically, saving time and reducing mistakes. The financial reports provide comprehensive and essential information in real time. 

Discover SAP financial and accounting tools

  • General ledger 

  • Journal entries and journal vouchers

  • Reversing entries and recurring journal entries 

  • Budget management 

  • Profit and cost center management

  • Receipts and payments management

  • Check printing 

  • External and internal reconciliations


Comprehensive management of the sales process increases sales

Sales - Insperia SAP ERP

The outstanding advantage of the SAP system for sales management is in comprehensive management of the entire sales process - from the initial contact phase, through the final sale to providing ongoing service and support. Integrated management of the entire sales chain process improves service and increases sales.

Software for end-to-end sales management includes, for example:

Manage, follow up and document leads and clients

Send price quotes

Track orders

Send deliveries and returns

Send tax invoices and credits

Produce receipts and sales reports

Discover the SAP sales system

  • Agreement framework with customers 

  • Price quote management 

  • Customer orders 

  • Deliveries to customers and returns 

  • Sales invoices and credits 

  • Manage document drafts

  • Sales analysis reports  


An overview of all the customer’s needs makes it possible to initiate successful service processes

Service - Insperia SAP ERP

The meaningful advantage of the SAP service system is that it makes it possible to manage all service activities and to see exactly what the customers want, to offer them solutions and to initiate successful and attentive service processes. 

The software for customer service management, support center and service representatives includes all stages of service including:

Sales and opportunity management

Campaign management

Client and contract management

Automatic updating of client database

Produce reports and data

Discover the SAP service system tools

  • Open, manage and follow up on service calls

  • Manage service contracts 

Purchasing - Insperia SAP ERP

Manage the entire purchasing process from ordering through payment to save time and money

The advantage of the SAP purchasing system is that it provides integrated management of the entire purchasing process in one location, from the price quote stage through purchase order and payment to suppliers. An integrated solution for procurement management allows you to compare prices among suppliers, locate the most cost-effective transactions and identify opportunities for cost savings. 

Software for complete management of the entire purchasing process, including:

Produce purchase requisition documents

Open purchase orders

Record inventory receipt

Update returns

Send digital invoices to suppliers

Manage payments

Produce procurement reports

Discover the SAP purchasing and supplier system tools

  • Requests for price quotes from suppliers

  • Digital receipt of price quotes

  • Price quote comparison wizard

  • Purchase orders

  • Supplier certificates

  • Purchase invoices

  • Manage landed costs

Inventory and warehouse

Inventory and warehouse
A precise, up-to-date picture of your entire inventory and warehouse saves time and space

Inventory and warehouse - SAP ERP

The SAP inventory system provides precise information in real time on all stages of shipment receipt and delivery. You will receive precise information to locate items in warehouses and tools to manage and track inventory simply and efficiently. 

The inventory management software includes tools for efficient management of inventory including:

Produce inventory value reports according to different systems - standard price, moving average, LIFO, FIFO and more. 

Tools for managing inventory level

Track inventory movements

Manage items, serial numbers, batches and price lists

Manage discounts, warehouses and item location

Update entry into, exit from inventory and inventory count

Transfer between warehouses and produce different documents

Discover the SAP inventory and warehouse system tools

  • Item management

  • Warehouse management

  • Serial number and batch management

  • Entry and exit from inventory

  • Inventory count management

  • Price list management

  • System for managing discounts for period and quantity


Manage all stages of planning and production and save materials, time and money

Production - SAP ERP

The advantage of the SAP production system is that it lets you manage the entire production process in one place. You can establish product trees, manage orders and resources and track the production process through its conclusion. The SAP ERP software enables you to plan the production process according to your priorities and forecasts and to get recommendations for materials planning from the MRP system. 

The software for comprehensive management of all stages of production includes:  

Building bills of material (BOM)

Produce work orders

Receipt from production etc. 

SAP production system tools

  • Define and manage product trees

  • Production orders

  • Purchase confirmation wizard

  • Receipt from production

  • General issue from stock to production

  • Comprehensive update of BOM prices

  • Manage standard cost of production

  • Production reports

SAP Business One ERP System Licenses

Customized licenses ensure that employees operate according to their job privileges and do not exceed their authority

The ERP information system for business management includes an enormous amount of information about all the company’s activities. Customizing licenses ensures that all employees and managers are exposed only to the relevant information, and perform their roles according to the organization’s specifications. 

The different kinds of SAP licenses are different in content (full or partial), activity areas and in the price of each license.


Professional - Full license

This license allows full access to all the functionalities, modules and documents in SAP Business One.

The license is intended for administrators and managers who work with most of the work processes and areas in the ERP business management system.

Limited CRM - Partial license for client management

The license provides access to parts of the system in the areas of sales, purchasing,  CRM, service and clients. 

The license is intended for employees who work in sales, marketing, and managing customer relations and support centers.

Check the content and suitability of the license for the position

  • Partial permission for administration module.

  • Full permission for sales opportunities and client/supplier cards.

  • Full permission for sales documents: price quote through returns.

  • View only permission for tax invoices and tax credit invoices.

  • Full permission for purchasing orders and purchasing reports.

  • Full permission for menu and service reports

  • Full permission for item cards

Limited Logistics - Partial license for logistics management

The license provides access to some of the system functionalities in sales, purchasing, production, and inventory

The license is intended for employees who work with supply chain and purchasing processes.

Check the content and suitability of the license for the position

  • Full permissions for sales documents (including tax invoices) and items.

  • View only permission for price quotes, without editing.

  • Full permission for purchasing documents (other than purchase certificate).

  • Full permission for client/supplier cards.

  • Full permission for inventory and production (other than price list updates).

 Limited Financial - Partial license for financial management

The license allows access to most of the financial functions of the system: banking, purchasing, accounting The license is intended for accountants, bookkeepers and managers in the field of finance.

Check the content and suitability of the license for the position

  • Partial permission for the administration module.

  • Full permission for the financial module other than pricing and budget  

  • Partial permission for the purchasing module.

  • View only permission for sales and inventory.

  • Full permission for client/supplier cards and banking module.

Starter Package – Basic license 

The license provides a basic solution for the following areas: financial management, purchasing, sales, client management and inventory. 

The license is limited to 5 users.

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