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What modules are in the SAP Business One system?

Updated: Dec 4, 2023

7 areas for 360° management and control of all your business activity

The SAP Business One system that caters toward small and mid-sized businesses (SMB), incorporates a variety of modules. The SAP ERP system allows you to integrate all of the following fields of activity: administration; client and supplier management; finance, banks and accounting; inventory and warehouse; customer sales; purchasing and suppliers; and customer service.

For each company, we identify and apply the relevant systems and modules based on the needs and the business sector of each client.

Inspiria - SAP ERP system implementation including all modules: finance, warehouse, inventory, accounting, purchasing, marketing and sales
An effective system begins with precise implementation of every module and harmonious integration between them

1. Administration/general

  • Starting companies

  • User settings and access

  • Financial period settings

  • Update currencies and exchange rates

  • Alerts mechanism

  • Authorization mechanism to create work-flow

  • Report and query creator

  • Crystal report - editing documents and user reports using a flexible and convenient report tool

2. Client and supplier management

  • Manage customer cards, supplier cards and leads

  • Manage card activities, managing campaigns

  • Manage sales orders and sales opportunities

  • Manage and track sales opportunities

  • Manage the company's opportunity funnel

  • Collection wizard

3. Finance, banking and accounting

  • Chart of accounts

  • Journal entries and journal vouchers

  • Reverse transactions and recurring journal entries

  • Budget management

  • Manage profit and costing centers

  • Manage receipts and payments

  • Check printing

  • External and internal adjustments

4. Inventory and warehouse

  • Inventory management

  • Warehouse management

  • Manage serial numbers and batches

  • Receipt and issue from inventory

  • Manage inventory counting

  • Price list management

  • Discount management system by period and quantity

5. Customer sales

  • Agreement framework with customers

  • Price quote management

  • Customer orders

  • Waybills to customer and returns

  • Sales invoices and credits

  • Document draft management

  • Sales analysis reports

6. Purchasing and suppliers

  • Supplier price quote requests

  • Digital intake of price quotes

  • Price quote comparison wizard

  • Purchase orders

  • Access supplier certificates

  • Purchasing invoices

  • Landed cost management

7. Customer service

  • Open, manage and track service calls

  • Manage service contracts with customers


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